I'm Milton Hopkins and, as President of Hopkins Music Group LLC, I guarantee that you are a step closer to having your music clearance, music licensing, music supervision and/or music consultation needs taken care of by the best in the music rights industry. Whether you are already familiar with the music clearance and licensing process or you just feel like saying "Please help!", call us at (310) 488-9297 or email us at info@hopkinsmusicgroup.com and let us answer your most pressing questions, no strings attached. We pride ourselves on our free initial consultation, and, who knows, that may just be all you need.

With variables such as media, term, territory, commence date, option rights, rollovers, step deals, bumps, most favored nations, royalty rates, fixation fees, advances, internet streaming rights, internet downloading rights, performance rights, product exclusivity, trailer rights, parody rights, festival rights, fair use and public domain status, which company's hands you ultimately decide to place the fate of your music rights needs in is the single-most important decision you have to make regarding those needs.

Finding a company that will do whatever it takes to ensure the success of its clients, EVERY step of the way, all while saving them time and money, is what Hopkins Music Group LLC is all about.

Our experience and industry-wide database of contacts and licensors ensure that we get directly to the rights holders of the music you want, both quickly and on a first-name basis. For most usages, you will need to get approvals, quotes and fully-executed licenses from the music publisher(s) which control the rights to the composition itself, usually on behalf of the songwriters, and the record label which controls the rights to the master recording.

Believe it or not, some songs actually have over 5 different publishers, all owning a portion of the copyright.  This can make the process of obtaining the appropriate approvals extremely challenging and time-consuming.  An exception to this is in mechanical licensing for an audio-CD release of a song that has already been publicly distributed in the United States, which is treated by U.S. copyright law as a compulsory license, requiring only that you give proper notice to the music publisher(s)/copyright owner(s) and pay them the current statutory rate (9.1 cents for songs 5 minutes or less and 1.75 cents per minute or fraction thereof for songs over 5 minutes) on a per song/per unit basis with monthly accounting.

With all the variables involved in securing music rights, we recognize how essential it is to treat each and every clearance with absolute diligence, clarity and persistence.

We want your project to succeed, whether it may be a short student film, a major feature film, a song streaming in the background of your website or a corporate email with a hit song in it used for training 3,000 employees. Hopkins Music Group LLC prides itself on relationships and would be honored to add you to our family of clients.

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